Bent But Not Broken

Life sucks.

Might as well admit it now. You’re born, you grow old, you die. If you’re lucky, you find happiness along the way…but if you’re like me, you feel like you’re in an endless struggle. Many claim that mental illnesses are over-diagnosed, others think it’s psychosomatic; I call bull on both.

Who is to say what you’re feeling isn’t true? Who has the right tell you that you’re not suffering? It’s because of people like these that we feel the need to hide our pain. But by hiding in the shadows we only isolate ourselves. We force ourselves to go through life alone.

But we are not alone. You are not alone. You are not a castaway or deserted. You are loved and you are definitely important.

These are the things that are so easily forgotten when you’re suffering. Reminding you of this simple truth is the purpose of this blog. We want to show others who suffer that they are not alone. To provide encouragement and some insight on getting through those tough moments. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in our mind, and this battle that we’re constantly fighting leaves us feeling helpless. We feel the need to get better, but some people make us feel like we need to be fixed instead. This is a common misconception. We are not machines; we can’t be fixed nor do we need to be.

No matter what, remember you are not broken. Maybe a little bent, but not broken.

Co-Written by Amanda and Lauraine

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Intrigued by creative processes since a young age, she constantly experiments with various styles of expression. Currently in her twenties, she works in the marketing field with a passion for fighting against social blindness.

One thought on “Bent But Not Broken”

  1. Sometimes it is hard to overcome things even when the right people try to tell you the right thing, or even if you know what the right thing is. In all my years this inner struggle continues. Are you surprised that life didn’t turn into sun-filled meadows, butterflies flying in your hair or birds singing beautiful songs. I know I was. It was not until I finally came to the saving knowledge of Christ, that I realized some days could be beautiful. However Depression and life just keeps throwing hurt after hurt, and you wonder, why? It took a long time after I came to Christ to understand that this battle is not with our own bodies and mind but spiritual. That’s where it gets even tougher. We are not accustomed to understand what we cannot see. So we do things like, ask people, research, wiki it, google it. Ironically the answer is as easy as those bracelets that people wear, What would Jesus do? Of course, we than state, come on, how could we possible know. Today I offer somewhat of a revelation. Instead of asking what would jesus do? Let’s ask what did he actually do? Here is a very easy yet hard question that I ask myself sometimes. Why would Jesus weep for his friend Lazarus if he was going to bring him back to life? Ponder that for a few, and see what you come up with.


    Depression is real


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