To The Friend That Stuck Around

Thank you for always being there for me. Whenever I needed to talk or vent about something, you were always there to lend an ear. As you know, it’s difficult for me to make friends, but the fact that I had you was always a comfort. I knew that I could always trust you and tell you anything I needed to get off my chest. When I thought I had no one else, there you were, eager to step in and make life better.

Thank you for caring. You never passed judgment, but did express concern whenever I did something that scared you. The fact that you cared so much for me was mainly the reason why I kept going. Most times it’s difficult opening up to people, but you are proof that it’s worth taking the chance and doing so. You showed me that I’m not alone and there are people who still care. You had faith in me and that in itself gave me a sense of self-worth.

Thank you for never giving up on me. Even when I was ready to give up on myself, you never stopped believing in me. You provided encouragement and pick-me-ups and constantly checked in on my progress. You called me out when I was wrong and offered help in any way you could think to do so. You didn’t accept my mistakes, but encouraged me to keep moving forward despite them.

Thank you for always listening. I’ll admit, there were times when I was afraid to tell you something, to seek your help, for fear of chastisement and lack of understanding. But, despite everything, you tried your best to understand me and what I was going through, why I did what I did. No matter what, you didn’t want me to feel alone.

Friends are very beneficial when it comes to mental illness. Battling demons on our own is dangerous, and more often than not we give way to the darkness because we’re tired of facing it. But with a support system, with someone on our side, it makes things a little bit easier. You may underestimate how much your friendship means to me, but I will always appreciate you. To know I have a friend to turn to when needed, someone who cares so much that they’d be willing to help no matter the situation or how involved they are in it. You remind me of how loved I am and, because of you, I have the strength to keep going.

And, so, I thank you.


If you are considering or planning to end your life, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. The Lifeline is a free service, and a trained professional is available to talk to you 24/7. Reach out for help, you are not alone. And you are loved more than you will ever realize.


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Intrigued by creative processes since a young age, she constantly experiments with various styles of expression. Currently in her twenties, she works in the marketing field with a passion for fighting against social blindness.

One thought on “To The Friend That Stuck Around”

  1. Sometimes, the person you wouldn’t expect to leave such an impact on your life becomes the person you turn to for almost any kind of guidance or advice. It’s important not push everyone away because you just might push away the wrong person, the person who’ll always be there, the person you didn’t expect.


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