Most of us have some sort of belief about what happens after death. Heaven is a popular belief, though I’ve realized that “heaven” looks like a lot of different things to different people. Another popular thought is that nothing happens at all. Death is the end of the soul, if there is such a thing. On that note, this post is not religion-based in the slightest.

As happens to a lot of people who are grieving, I had a dream about my loved one.If you want to read more about grieving, read my previous post The Story of My Grief. In my dream, he appeared to several of us. We knew he was a ghost and he knew he was a ghost. Heck he even joked about it.

It was understood that he was watching over me and even had opinions about my (mostly mundane) everyday decisions. What really stood out to me was his assertion that there was something more to being a ghost. With this huge grin on his face, he told me about his travels. He told me the now he could see everything that he had wanted to see, he could travel without limitations. He told me that he was happy. 

It was probably the most comforting moment I’ve had regarding his death.

What if death isn’t the end of it all? What if we don’t think about everything the person didn’t get to do? Instead thinking that they’re free now. They’re not limited to their (healthy or ill) physical body, or to the natural and man-made restrictions of this world.

Honestly, I haven’t thought it through to the end and I’m not interested in finding the logical flaws in it. I guess the concept can be modified to fit most religions. For instance, some believe in the “hereafter”, or the “afterlife”, or in “a better place”.  

I enjoy the simple comfort of it all. Maybe my dad isn’t actually gone, maybe he’s out fulfilling his bucket list. Maybe he’s watching over me, humorously thinking that it was silly of me to buy the red purse, i mean “the white bag looked so much more like you.”