Road sign

Most of us have reached a point in life where paths diverge. It becomes a question of what path – what life – to choose. There are no guarantees of how a particular path will work out. No saying which will be easier, which is attainable, which leads to success.

It’s scary choosing when you have no information.

It’s ironic how high school aged youth go from no control over their lives to having to make such a decision. What school? What degree do you want – Technical, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, PsyD? University or vocational school? In-state, out-of-state, or study abroad? Live on your own, on a dorm, with roommates, or with family? How will you pay the bills?

We were thrown to the wolves, and we are completely and utterly clueless. I’m not sure how y=mx+b is going to keep any of us fed.

Do you stay in your hometown? Who to date? Is a relationship worth fighting for or is it better to move on? And my biggest one: am I going to regret this decision?

I’ve made a bunch of turns down my path and it’s worked out thus far. Yet, I find myself at another fork in the road.

I find myself wondering if I’m just trying to control too much.

I want to know everything, carefully consider my options before I make a choice. Unfortunately that means that I stay in one place longer than necessary. I let fear keep me still. That’s no way to live.

I could give you a handful of cliches right about now. “Let your heart guide you.” “Do what feels right.” “Consider if you will make enough money to sustain yourself.

It all holds a grain of truth. But can you really know the answers to any of those?

The best advice I can give is to stop listening to everyone around you. Listen to yourself. Picture yourself at your destination, are you content? Don’t seek happiness for that’s a fleeting moment; you could spend your whole life chasing it to find it was in the little moments you skipped.

So, are you content? Right now, and in the path your considering? If the answer is no, take some time to think about what you need to find fulfillment. And if you end up choosing the “wrong path” (I’m not even sure if there’s such a thing), don’t forget it’s not a one way street.

We are fortunate enough to have a long life span. I’ve known several people that have had multiple careers and are still relatively young. You have time. So take a breath, muster up a little faith, and get moving.

You’ll find your way. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will happen. You’ve got your life ahead of you, don’t spend all of it in the same place.