Bent, Not Broken

A blog about depression and anxiety.



For Those Who Feel Alone.

The idea for this blog was born from a desire to communicate.

We decided that we want to let people know what anxiety and depression looks like in real life. And while honesty and transparency still remain a fundamental part of this – this blog has transformed into so much more. It is a chance to fight back against stigma. It is a chance to let people get a step closer to understanding those who struggle with mental health. But, most importantly, it is a chance to let our peers know that they do not struggle alone.

It wasn’t until later that we realized what the heart of what this blog is. Truth is, our heart breaks whenever we find someone who feels so utterly alone. We keep finding people who hold such deep anguish, yet are unable to express themselves adequately enough to “make” someone understand. It destroys us. We cannot bear the thought of allowing someone to feel alone. So here we are, ready to lay down all the messy inner workings of our souls, in hopes that at least one person reads this and gets one step closer to understanding themselves and/or their loved ones.

So why are we writing this? For me, for you, and for us. All of us. Why should you read this? Because how we suffer, as a people, will ultimately define us. Will we stand together or will we allow each other to fall apart? We are not willing to go down without a fight.


Meet your writers:

Lauraine: A twenty-something year old with a much older soul. Working her way through the psych field with an up-close and personal interaction with mental health suffering. A writer who’s always dreaming of more adventures than can fit into one lifetime.

Amanda: Intrigued by creative processes since a young age, she constantly experiments with various styles of expression. Currently in her twenties, she works in the marketing field with a passion for fighting against social blindness.

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