Open Letter to My Depression


Hello depression. It’s been a while since you’ve reared your ugly head. I know you’re there, I can feel your presence.

I can feel the way you push my buttons, the way you force sadness unto me. You don’t like it when I see what you’re doing, but you enjoy that I can’t stop you anyway.

Hello depression, there’s something I’d like to tell you. Continue reading Open Letter to My Depression


To The Friend That Stuck Around

Thank you for always being there for me. Whenever I needed to talk or vent about something, you were always there to lend an ear. As you know, it’s difficult for me to make friends, but the fact that I had you was always a comfort. I knew that I could always trust you and tell you anything I needed to get off my chest. When I thought I had no one else, there you were, eager to step in and make life better. Continue reading To The Friend That Stuck Around

To The Woman Who Made Me Cry

pexels-photoI wrote this shortly after the incident. I decided not to alter it to preserve the integrity of the experience.


To the woman who made me cry, this is for you.

Congratulations, you proved what a shitty human being you are when you put your selfish desires above my emotional welfare.I walked into your establishment, paid for a specific service, and you used that time to shame me. I cannot adequately express my disappointment in you. Continue reading To The Woman Who Made Me Cry