If I Die Today

If I die today,
Would the last words I said be cold?
Would bitterness be what’s left for people to hold?

If I die today
Could you honestly say my life was the best?
Did I go after my dreams or live in unrest?

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8 Tips To Trick Your Anxiety


I was listening to a podcast today and he said something that caught my attention. “We all have our anxieties – the trick is how we deal with it.” Even I, who spend a great deal amount of time thinking about anxiety, hadn’t thought of it like that. But he’s right.

There’s a never-ending anxiety, a stress, a weird sort of momentum always pushing us forward. We want more, we fight for more, and we get really, really upset when we don’t get it.  Continue reading 8 Tips To Trick Your Anxiety

Stop Telling People Others Have It Worse


Opening up about a personal problem is almost unheard of in today’s society. We are taught to put on our best faces and leave that extra baggage at home. However, in those rare moments when others do peel away the mask, there seems to be a generic fallback response:

Someone else has it worse.

Just stop.

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay


Have you ever met someone who apologized for every little thing? Not in a sympathetic type of way, but a person who legitimately felt at fault for every single one of their actions, behaviors, or even thoughts? To a third party, doing so may seem silly or even a nuisance, but for some reason they just feel they’re imposing on the status quo of society. Continue reading It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

The Coin Theory


The Coin Theory isn’t so much a theory as it is an explanation. It’s based on The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino, in which she uses the idea of having limited resources (aka: spoons) in her daily life with Lupus. It’s a great read and it offers insight into the life of those chronically ill.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to understand without the context Christine presented it in so I changed it up.

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